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MUZZY is designed in accordance with U.S. national world language standards and emphasizes oral participation before reading and writing. Its presentation as a story promotes curiosity, developes listening skills and build a solid understanding of functional language. 

Employing a natural immersion approach, surrounding learning with visual, aural and contextual language, MUZZY is modeled on the way we all learned our first language. Throughout the stories, the spiraling method presents vocabulary and grammar in new contexts. MUZZY's multi-sensory, multi-layered communication works powerfully with different levels and learning styles - even within the same classroom. The unique MUZZY design is effective for visual / spacial, verbal, kinesthetic, musical and logical / mathmatical learners. 

Teaching Materials for Your Classroom

The MUZZY Classroom Edition is available in Spanish, French, Chinese and English for beginning though early-intermediate students in grades 3 and up. This edition is a highly popular supplement for U.S. world language teachers.

Now expanded with more activities, lessons, reproducible props, listening activities, assessments, projects and cultural enrichments than ever before. Each lesson expands the multimedia content into interactive group activities. Classroom Edition programs include the MUZZY Media Pack and MUZZY Classroom Edition Curriculum Binder, available in Levels I and II.


MUZZY Media Pack

The MUZZY Story DVDs and video content are at the center of the MUZZY Elementary Program . These powerful tools feature all native speakers with authentic accents and focus on functional language. 

Scene by scene, the MUZZY Story and Vocabulary Builder present hundreds of words and phrases. With repetition, children absorb their language naturally through the context of the story and its imagery.

Curriculum Binder

Curriculum Binders

Bursting with lessons and teacher supports, the MUZZY Classroom Edition includes flexible lessons to integrate perfectly with your curriculum. Level I and II binders feature 400+ pages of content  to immerse beginning to early-intermediate level students in a second language. 

Easy-to-follow Lesson Plans  •  Review Exercises  • Viewing Activities  • 
Cultural Lessons & Enrichment  •  Assessment Tools
Project Illustrations  • Reproductible Activity Masters  •  Teacher Resources

Add MUZZY To Your Curriculum Today

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MUZZY Classroom Edition:

Includes the MUZZY Media Pack and Classroom Edition Curriculum Binders for $349.95 per level. 

Mandarin Chinese

Classroom Edition Binders Only:

For classrooms that already have the MUZZY Media Pack, Classroom Edition Curriculum Binders can be purchased separately for $149.00 each.

Mandarin Chinese

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